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re: Rantings of the Guild Stalker, Week 196


Welcome to the 196th edition of the Rantings of the Guild Stalker, your one stop spot to get all the juiciest tidbits. But if you hear it here, you probably didn't hear it first-unless you did-in which case I call Shaman Iguana!


Welcome to this week's newsletter! It is with great pleasure that I announce our two newest guildies. Give it up for Studd and Yonce! When you see them around, be sure to give them a warm Reciprocity welcome. 

Brewfest is upon us...not sure if it is me but dang it feels earlier than usual--or time is moving faster than normal...or it is just me. That is also a distinct possibility. Annnnd there are new items this year! I personally am not sure if I think that is a good thing or a bad thing. Since, on the one hand yay for new items, and yet on the other hand, omg more o do when I already feel behind and have tons to do! Eek. Anywho, if you want a guide boom here ya go. 

Another new feature that was released this week was the Mythic+/Keystone Dungeons. These are levels higher than regular mythic dungeons and there are chances for loot in the dungeon as well as a performance reward. For lots more information see the Mythic+ guide. Lets get out there and do some together!

And if that weren't enough fun, this week also saw the addition of World Bosses! That's right, if you didn't know what the heck that weird purple looking world quest like thing was, it is a world boss. To read up more, check out this guide

Oh, right, there were also two helpful and informational posts on the website here from your helpful guildies that I wanted to remind people about. There is one on the Underlight Angler and one on Legion Reputation and Professions. So, check those out. 


Tarden has been promoted to Honored Member

Shadew has been promoted to Member

Felycitas has been promoted to Betwixt&Between

How do you get promoted? Guild promotions are based on your join date.  In order to claim your rank there are two requirements: 1)You must claim your characters by signing up on the guild website and 2) Have an authenticator attached to your account.  For more information, please click here.

Guildie of the Week


Iceyhott (aka Zawon) was nominated this past week for literally running ALL the dungeons--even when it wouldn't benefit him. I know lots of guildies helped get people geared for raiding, but holy cow did he run dungeons. Plus, I think we kinda traumatized him with Violet Hold (on more than one occassion). Thank you for your sacrifice!

To submit a nomination, send an in-game or website mail to Rhodaria. Be sure to specify who the guildie is you are nominating and why you are nominating them. To view the gallery of past winners go to our Guildie of the Week Page.

Guess your Guildmate

Okay, come on now...can no one seriously guess that it was Lazarys who said "That's the spirit, more violence?" Shame on you...shame on all of you. Let's see if Anyone can guess which guildie dared to give this advice this week.

"I hate to say it, but , what if we went clockwise?"

To submit a guess for GYG you can comment on this newsletter on the website or on facebook or send Rhodaria an in-game mail. To view previous weeks' challenges view the forum post. 

Guild Checkmark Challenge

*sniffle* Guild bank is the winner 

The GCG is one of our main sources of funds for the guild, which is made possible by all of you running guild dungeons and raids. you get one entry for every checkmark you complete, just be sure to send Rhodaria a mail to submit your entry. Learn more here. 

Guild Bank

Feed me! Feed me! Is what the guild bank says. The beginning of expansions are always hard, and we are soooo much bigger than we have ever been. So, any extra mats or crafted materials you have would be excellent. Also, remember that you can get those shoulder enchants and get bags of supplies as well. If you are leveling up your professions and don't need the greens and blues you create feel free to send them to Noinar or Whithers (or another enchanter) to DE for materials. 

Raid News

Since I am pokey and it is Thursday and not Tuesday before we actually got to do our raid I just wanted to point out that we got to get into the Emerald Nightmare on Tuesday night. It was a blast. Thank you everyone who showed up on time and prepared (we actually started on time).

Not only did we start on time, but we also got the first boss down! Way to go us!!

Just a quick reminder that you do need to be signing up for raids. With so many raiders I am making groups ahead of time to ensure we have a balanced group. If you sign up as tentative you will be placed on backup, and if you don't sign up at all you will be third priority. So, if you for sure think you will be there--sign up. 

Let's keep kicking ass. 


~Until such time as the armory is properly updating if you could send Rho a whisper or in game mail with ilvl updates about once a week that would be greatly appreciated~



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