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re: Rantings of the Guild Stalker Week 224


Welcome to the 224th edition of the Rantings of the Guild Stalker, your one stop spot to get all the juiciest tidbits. But if you hear it here, you probably didn't hear it first-unless you did-in which case I call Shaman Iguana!


Welcome to this week's newsletter!  Our illustrious leader, Rhodaria the Insane, recently heard from her dissertation committee giving the go ahead for her to start the next phase of her dissertation research.  So congratulations and condolences are in order :)  In an attempt to get the Rho some more time, I agreed to write this week's newsletter.  "It will be fun," I thought.  "It will be easy," I thought. WRONG!  I have a new found appreciation for Rho's dedication to our guild...But, here it is such as it is!



There are no promotions for the week!

How do you get promoted? Guild promotions are based on your join date.  In order to claim your rank there are two requirements: 1)You must claim your characters by signing up on the guild website and 2) Have an authenticator attached to your account.  For more information, please click here.

Guildie of the Week


Marisone is a wonderful guild who is always willing to help her guild mates and who is the master of all things Pet-ish.  She frequently gives pets to anyone interested and shares her knowledge with anyone who asks.  Reciprocity is a better place because of Marison!

To submit a nomination, send an in-game or website mail to Rhodaria. Be sure to specify who the guildie is you are nominating and why you are nominating them. To view the gallery of past winners go to our Guildie of the Week Page.

Guess your Guildmate

It was, of course, Chaeni who said "I'm not a DK, I don't have the whooshy whosh!"

Unfortunately, no one guessed this so no prize can be awarded.  Slackers!  Here is this week's quote for you (and I challenge you all to guess even if you don't know for sure!)  "Can barely shatter a bridge and he's talking about shattering our world!"


To submit a guess for GYG you can comment on this newsletter on the website or on facebook or send Rhodaria an in-game mail. To view previous weeks' challenges view the forum post

Guild Checkmark Challenge

Winner:  Celadrithien

The random number generator has declared Celadrithien the winner of the Guild Checkmark Challenge for the week.  She wins 1600 gold!  This is very fitting since Cela is frequently the force behind completing the guild checkmark challenges for the week!

The GCG is one of our main sources of funds for the guild, which is made possible by all of you running guild dungeons and raids. you get one entry for every checkmark you complete, just be sure to send Rhodaria a mail to submit your entry. Learn more here




Guild Bank

Our mat battles are helping us keep the guild bank stocked!  So yay :)  We are still in need of gems (specifically the Eye of Prophecy ones) and starlight rose.  These items, therefore, will earn you extra points in the mat battle for April...

Raid News

We have had another great week of raiding, clearing normal by Tuesday night's raid, which will enable us to spend two nights on heroic rather than one.  Last week in heroic we downed the scorpion thing and the time dude in short order but then got stuck on Mr. Cake Man.  Continue to work on more points in your artifact weapon, your dps/heal rotations, and eat all of your focus flakes in order to concentrate on mechanics (and listen to your raid leader!) If we do those things, I predict that Mr. Cake Man and Mr. I-Smash-Your-Bridge will be toast...

Remember that we have changed the raiding schedule:  Normal will now start on Sunday nights and we will save the lockout in order to finish normal on Tuesday.  Thursday and Saturday will be dedicated to heroic!


Rumor has it that there may be another awesome event in our future planned by our Wondrous Social Officer and Bard, Ones.  Stay tuned!



Our lovely and oft naked DancingBee is now the recipient for all mat battle materials with the exception of items to DE, which should be sent to Whithers.  Remember this is how we keep the guild bank stocked with enchants and gems for all of us!

A gentle reminder from your guild complaint officer (that's me!) that this guild is awesome for many reasons but primarily because we aim to have a fun, safe and respectful place for everyone.  We are a very diverse collection of individuals with a variety of backgrounds, political views, religions, and life circumstances and Reciprocity was founded on the importance of diversity and respect. For these reasons we avoid political comments, derogatory names and comments of all types, and any jokes/comments that rely on stereotypes or derogatory views of individuals or groups.  Please remember that even unintentional or joking comments can be hurtful and inappropriate and avoid such things!  If you DO say something, even unintentionally, it is good to simply apologize and acknowledge the mistake :) 


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