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re: Rantings of the Guild Stalker, Week 230 & 231


Welcome to the 230th & 231st edition of the Rantings of the Guild Stalker, your one stop spot to get all the juiciest tidbits. But if you hear it here, you probably didn't hear it first-unless you did-in which case I call Shaman Iguana!


Welcome to this week's newsletter! I swear I never know where the time goes. I do know we are officially about to hit summer school time. So good luck to all those who are undertaking that endeavor. While I am not in summer school per se, or even teaching this summer I feel very overwhelmed by this summer. But, the good news is despite feeling overwhelmed I am nearing completion of my dissertation prospectus (hooray for one more hurdle down). So, hopefully I emerge on the other side of that still sane.   

I also just want to remind people about discord and what a great and useful tool it can be. I know most people log out and close the application when they aren't actively using it; however, if you leave it open it can be a great way to stay in touch with your guildies and see when people are looking for a members for groups. For example, if you are on and want to run something and I am not on you can always pop a message in the #lfg chat channel it then pops up on my screen (you can also set up push notifications I believe) and if I am free I can be all "oohh me pick me". This seems like it could be incredibly useful as fewer people are logging in or staying logged in for long periods of time and I think in part that is because people aren't on so you can't run/do stuff. So, keep that in mind. Chaeni and I (and I am sure others) are always happy to help out with mythic+ runs or even just fun stuff if we are around. 


Also, if you haven't already heard, there is a new murloc battle pet to be acquired. You can read all about it here.  

Alright,  let's get into it and see what else has gone down in the last two weeks. 


Galwin has been promoted to Honored Member

Zeus has been promoted to Member

Baalance has been promoted to Junior Member

Munsy has been promoted to Junior Member

How do you get promoted? Guild promotions are based on your join date.  In order to claim your rank there are two requirements: 1)You must claim your characters by signing up on the guild website and 2) Have an authenticator attached to your account.  For more information, please click here.

Guildie of the Week

Week 230: Evon & Euladarj

Week 231: Vargis

Evon & Euladarj were nominated by an ecstatic guild mate after they helped her do some raids on her non-guilded toons. See, this is why we love you guys (and the guild generally) we are a family even if not all of our toons are here (I mean we need bank alts after all).

Vargis was nominated for basically becoming everyones locksmith. I can't even count on two hands the number of lockboxes he has opened for me in the last few weeks. I mean, I guess it is just what happens when all the rogues in Azeroth disappear, but we appreciate it all the same. 


To submit a nomination, send an in-game or website mail to Rhodaria. Be sure to specify who the guildie is you are nominating and why you are nominating them. To view the gallery of past winners go to our Guildie of the Week Page.


Guess your Guildmate

C'mon everyone, we only had like 2 hunters that have raided this entire expansion, was like a 50-50 chance to get it right *shakes head in disbelief* Okay, let's try again. Who knew this about Chaeni...

"Chaeni has sacrificed too much for hugs"

To submit a guess for GYG you can comment on this newsletter on the website or on facebook or send Rhodaria an in-game mail. To view previous weeks' challenges view the forum post. 




Guild Bank

Don't forget we are nearly done with May's Mat Battle so get in on that action and win those prize vault tickets!

And, as promised, the results from April's Mat Battle! The winner for the most versatility was Coroc and the winner for the most contributions in the winning category was Rondoh! Congratulations and thank you both for all of the donations to the guild bank. I will attempt to have the updated guild vault up for you to look at in the next week or so, but you can also just message me in game. 

Raid News

Here we are kicking butt and taking names--yet again! Over the last two weeks we got Aluriel, Tichondrius and Krosus and Helya for the first time as a guild. Way to go guild! Botanist is proving to be a tad tricksy, but we got him to 6% and 1% a few times, so we are almost there. 

And, because Munsy is awesome like that we have great kill videos as well!

Here is Krosus


And Aluriel


And Tichondrius




~Get your Squirky pet~



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