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re: RP Story Cantique and Nanaive


(note: This is older from the time of Ulduar)


Cantique is standing at her fireplace, stirring beans with a wooden spoon and Nanaive is sitting on a small stool nearby.  She is furiously rubbing at a spot of rust on her shield.

"What else?"


"What else did ye see in tha' grand place?"

"Oh, Ulduar?"  Cantique grins and swings the hook holding the pot of beans back over the small flame. 

"Well, a few o' us did venture back in for more explorin -- Brucefoot, Jenya, Elecktra and Kethiri -- Darksparrow I think and Avis too.  An' we come upon this strange woman.  She was a right snappy dresser -- all in blue and gold.  Her hair was golden and her skin bronze and smoothe.  But."

"But?" Nanaive asks.

"Well I think she might've been a bit 'touched' if'n ye know what ah mean."  Cantique taps her own temple.  "I think Sophrosune said she is a type o' keeper of records, or something like that.  A Bookish one.  Quiet, for the most part."

"Ah.  One o' them, then.  A crazy cat lady."  Nanaive chuckles, "Like ol' Gertie back home.  Remember her?  She musta had at least 20 cats!"

Cantiques sighs, "Aye -- she were oolways mutterin' ta them kitties.  An' had a terrible time wi' sneezin' all tha time."  Cantique continues, "Well now, this -- Auriaya is her name --  she joost paces with her kitties all followin'."

"She weren't none to happy to find us there.  Her and her kitties went all crazy like.  Fur went ta flyin', I'll tell ya!.  What wi' her screechin' and blastin with her shadow magic -- we all had ta be quick about stayin' alive."

"Did ye ever try ta bathe a grown cat?"  Cantique continues, "Well, imagine a whole tub o' furious kitties and a screechin' mad woman in the way!   And, during all that, a veera large cat, A feral defender, Arkktos said 'twas, starts pouncin' an' stunnin'.  Leavin' seeping black essence of something on tha floor."

"Fanroth tells us, 'Ignore the cats -- get Auriaya!'"  Cantique looks at Nanaive - "Did ye ever try goin' for honey in that dead tree out by Stoner's cabin?"

Nanaives' eyes widen as she remembers.

"Well," Cantique says, "think about that.  Tha bees all swarmin' and stinging like and gettin' in yur face -- and you just holdin' still with your hand in the honey.  Ignore the Kitties, he says!"

Cantique continues, her voice getting louder as she gestures with the wooden spoon in her hand, "Stay in front of her, he told us.  Right! ...Okay now thar's deadly black stuff on that floor, and she's a screechin' and flailin' at us.  An' soomtimes her screeches befuddle us sa mooch that we find ourselves standing in that black death!"  Cantique is breathing hard, face red.

"Boot, yur oolroight.  Yur home." Nanaive says trying to comfort Cantique.

"Aye.  But now ye know why I make our wee pet kitties stay outside!"

Nanaive nods as Cantique turns back to her cooking.  "Hissin' and makin' black spots on tha floor...I'll have none o' that!  I won't!"

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