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re: Everything is still the same


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Cantiques skin is bumped up against a brush of fresh air as she stands naked in her hut. She is standing with her hands on her hips, lips pursed, looking at the gear piled up on her bed.


She picks up her headpiece and fingers the rough patch of cloth covering the hole left when she lost her precious spell gem. She shakes her head each time she picks up another piece of her gear. The spell patches are all wrong now, she thinks and she knows that the expense of reforging yet again will hurt her pocket. She throws her wand into the pile, turns abruptly, crosses her arms and grunts as she plops her ample bottom down on a splintery three legged stool.


"Ah moight as well stay naked fur all tha good this stuff is."


Cantique is suffering along with all Azeroth as yet again the powers have shaken their world causing confusing changes.


"No special place fur mah wand? Wha' kind o' new rule is that?" Cantique mumbles as she tosses her best spellblade into a pile of scrap to be taken to the vendors in the city.


She picks up the new "official" Book of Spells for Shadow Priests and flips through the pages. She has been practicing for the last few days, knowing that a fight is coming; she is still glad she is a shadow priest too. She's been listening to her friends discuss the changes wrought upon them as well, and she knows she has it easy compared to others.

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