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re: Changing Seasons


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The sounds of hunter's guns in the distance gently nudge Cantique from her slumber.  Pressing her eyes with the heels of her hands she groans.  A scent of cooked boarside fills her nose and she sits up sliding her feet into fur-lined leather slippers.  She notices Bittyb is already gone and sees morningmeal on the hearth.  Wrapping her cloak around her sleepclothes, Cantique goes outside, scuffling toward the cellar.  As she emerges with a small bundle of dried fruit and a large jug of cider in her hands, she notices a dark dwarf and three smaller ones following him through the clearing. 


Jbow came to the cabin today and asked if the children could gather some  brownnuts from the ground under the gnarled tree on the edge of my clearing.  He looked weary and thin. His three girls have grown so much this past season.  My heart broke when he told me his wife Trysea had left the family to follow the allure of dark potions and powders.  He asked for prayers to Y'lnogodeno for her protection.  As he went to gather his little family, I placed a basket of lastfall brownnuts on the path they would take as they continued their trek.  The nutfall wasn't much this year.

Y'lnogodeno, I pray that you please keep Trysea from harm.  I pray that you comfort Jbow and his children and provide peace and grace to bear all that comes their way.

Cantique sits and looks at the morningmeal on her table and is thankful.  After she finishes her meal, she makes sure to put extra grain out for her fowl friends. 

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