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re: The Story of Reciprocity


The Story of Reciprocity

Reciprocity was founded by a group known as the “Biscuits”, on November 30th, 2012.  Before founding Reciprocity, the “Biscuits” were part of the guild The Illuminati. Rhodaria, was once a raid leader for The Illuminati but she had a very different approach to raiding and raid leading than the other raid leaders in the guild. In fact, the group earned its nickname because one time Rhodaria “threatened” to throw stale biscuits at people in a raid for not following directions. And the other raid leaders made fun of her for being so soft. 

“The Biscuits” did, in fact, have a different way of raiding, we always aimed to have fun and thought that everyone should be given a chance. 

As the Illuminati grew in size so did its raid team. At first they just had to have people sit out. Which was almost a question of bringing the people the guild leader thought were the best people and having those on backup he thought were less skilled. The guild continued to grow bigger still and eventually the raid team was big enough for two ten man teams (this was back in the day of only 10 and 25 person raids). These became known as the “A” team and the “B” team. When the A Team had someone not show up they would poach someone from the B Team, which weakened the B team and lowered the success rate for that team. 

This A and B Team approach put the focus on performance rather than on having fun and on teamwork. In our experience and opinions this left people stressed out and actually decreased performance. In the end The Biscuits generally stopped signing up for guild raids and mostly ran raids on their own in order to avoid that type of environment. 

However, in the end the guild leaders got upset when some of the more skilled players preferred the more relaxed environment and asked that we stop raiding separately from the guild. Given that we fundamentally didn’t agree with their raiding philosophy we decided it was time to branch off and start our own guild. One where we could build on our core ideas of inclusion, trust and teamwork in an environment focused on mutual respect and tolerance all while having fun. 


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