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re: Rantings of the Guild Stalker, Week 269


Welcome to the 269th edition of the Rantings of the Guild Stalker, your one stop spot to get all the juiciest tidbits. But if you hear it here, you probably didn't hear it first-unless you did-in which case I call Shaman Iguana!


Welcome to this week's newsletter...and to February! This week saw the start of the February event: Love is in the Air. Luckily for some of us there doesn't appear to be any new things added this year (whew we can relax)... unless you know you are on that endless quest for the Love Rocket. If you want to read all about the event (as always) wowhead has a great Event Guide

It is also Darkmoon Faire this week! So get out those tickets and have some fun! Remember there are new rewards (including a super expensive mount). Annnd don't forget the Darkmoon Faire can help with those rep grinds and leveling of new toons!

Lastly, it is the World Quest Bonus Week...which means more rep! It's like a Rep-a-polooza! And if you're low on order resources completing the quest for 20 world quests give you 5000!!

Don't forget to read what else is happening this week (including finally make up some anniversary events).



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Also, be aware that AFK alts were also removed recently. If/when you want to actively play them again you're welcome to bring them back. 

How do you get promoted? Guild promotions are based on your join date.  In order to claim your rank there are two requirements: 1)You must claim your characters by signing up on the guild website and 2) Have an authenticator attached to your account.  For more information, please click here.


Guildie of the Week


Surdor was nominated because he spent two weeks sitting out of raids until we had an easier night than Argus grind to start raiding with us. We really appreciate you taking one for the team. 

To submit a nomination, send an in-game or website mail to Rhodaria. Be sure to specify who the guildie is you are nominating and why you are nominating them. To view the gallery of past winners go to our Guildie of the Week Page.

Guess your Guildmate

It was Cantique who said "That's what happens when I fall, I spread all over everything," which if I recall correctly was a brilliant quote to having died one too many times to Argus. Maybe you will all remember who said this VERY RECENT quote...

"Can you cover that check the mouth is writing?"

To submit a guess for GYG you can comment on this newsletter on the website or on facebook or send Rhodaria an in-game mail. To view previous weeks' challenges view the forum post


Guild Anniversary 

Sooooo since Rho getting sick seriously messed with our culminating event for the guild anniversary AND since she is finally feeling better we are rescheduling! WOOT! We have rescheduled the Guild Scavenger Hunt for:

Sunday 2/18 @ 3:00-6:00 pm Server

There are Excellent prizes to be had for this (including mounts) and a chance at Luck of the Draw (winning a blizzard store item) so don't forget to sign up and show up.


Other Events

Achievement/mog/fun Run Saturday 2/17 @ 2:00-4:00 pm server. For this we are really hoping to get 10 people so we can do that lingering achievement in Siege of Orgrimmar. If we don't get 10 we will pick some other kind of fun. If you have requests let me know. 


Herald of the Titan--we don't have a date for this yet because we still need 2 more people to run. If you are at all interested in this special achievement and feat let me know. It requires you to have a level 80 character (and then turn off your experience until we are done). We're almost there. I would really like to do this is the next few months. 


Raid News

It was a great week in raiding. We super duper smashed up normal and got several people their four piece. We then proceeeded with our first week of 2 nights of heroic where we downed the first two bosses (again) annnnd on Monday we even got our first Eonar (Heroic) kill. It was a great night. 

The raid schedule for February is posted. We will plan on prioritizing bosses with tier and BiS pieces on Tuesday/Thursday and doing Heroic on Friday/Monday. 

Lastly, we will be starting an alt raid night on Saturdays by popular demand. So, if you want to get your little side piece leveled and geared up lets do it! We will do it at the regular raid time on Saturdays starting week after this on the 17th. 

As I said, raids are posted so please please sign up.




~Sign up for Guild Anniversary~


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