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re: Roster Changes


Hello All!

I started a few weeks ago implementing a few roster tracking changes for the guild. It seems to be working so I am going to charge ahead. Here is the info you need to know:

1) What and why?

I am using an addon called Guild Roster Management. Why did I choose this addon? Because it lets us set mains/alts and track important date info for characters. In short, it is wonderous, and you are all welcome to install it too! (This is, however, not required). This should sync with any users who have it who are online at the same time. That means I can make all the changes and you should be able to see someone’s alts by click on any of their toons.

2) An important note about note fields (for both people with and without the addon).

There are 2 default fields (and a custom note field added by the addon). The default fields are Note and Officer’s note. For our guild purposes the officer’s field tracks important info such as join date and who you were referred by and the Note field is used to track main/alt status. If the field in Note is blank this is the person’s main! (it should now also be marked as a main in GRM—which shows elsewhere). But we are aiming to leave this field blank for all mains so we can easily sort mains/alts in game.

When you join—or bring in an alt—this field should be set accordingly. For example, if I add an alt to the guild “Rhodaria” needs to be added to the Note Field. If you are a veteran member and you can invite people but for some reason can’t set notes (it was acting strange this expac) please send Rho an in-game mail so she can set these notes correctly.

The new Custom Note (provided by GRM) can be used by you (if you have the addon) to set any info you want other guildies to know like a nickname, or btag info etc. For now, this field will remain open to all players to set themselves.

3) I am going through and verifying mains/alts and dates for every player in the guild. 

Once I do this for you I will send you an in-game mail to check that I have your main correct (see the next note) and all the alts listed belong to you. Please respond to these in-game mails so I can check you off my list.

4) What is the difference between a "main" vs. an "alt"

Well, you are right this can be a tricky question. For our roster purposes the "main" is whatever toon you want to have labeled as your personal main--it does not need to be your current raid main. The "main" stores important info like join date, promo date for you and your alts etc.  Alts are then all toons belonging to you that are not the "main". 

Should you decide in the future you want to change mains I can do that, but it is a process, just let me know. 

5) What info is being tracked? (In Game)

In game the wonderful addon I have now tracks: join date for each toon, the date of your last promotion, and your birthday. (See above for custom notes).

6) Birthdays and important dates

We have for a long time tracked guild birthdays (that we know) so we can wish people a happy birthday. It is just one thing we do to help recognize you for the amazing person you are! In the process of doing this roster check/update I have been entering in the info we have, but there is a lot of info I don’t have. So, you will also be receiving a mail asking to verify your birthday or provide us with one for our records. Please note you do not have to do this! You are welcome to opt-out or give us a very-happy-unbirthday to celebrate instead.

We have also been tracking anniversaries and other important dates as we learned them so if you have an anniversary, or something else that you would love to be reminded of how awesome you are please let me know.

7) You should be receiving some in-game mails from me.

As previously mentioned you should each receive 2 mails from me. One to verify main and alts and another to verify or inquire on birthdays, anniversaries, and important dates etc. Please respond so I can check you off the list!


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