Reciprocity's Order of the Bard is to recognize those creative guildmates who have picked up the quill and documented some of our history and glorious deeds through their excellent words. Membership to the Order of the Bard is granted to any individual who writes or helps write a story for the RP section of the website. For more information read the post.  


Cantique, Destroyer's End was one of the first bards. She got her start in Reciprocity's mother guild The Illuminati! She has penned


~Sleepy Tavern written in collaboration with Sihnon and Rynn

~Annals of Cantique's Pen

~Cantique and the Tauren

~Cantique and the Murloc

~Cantique and the Plagueworks

~Cantique and Nanaive

~Everything is still the same

~Changing seasons


Celadrithien of the Black Harvest  has always created full rp background for her character and never fails to detail the reasons why things happen. She has penned:

~Cela is OK...probably


Darkpiper she may not write often, but when she does--watch out! She has penned:

~What the Devil happened to Rhodaria


Huntmaster Mertunala a great find by Bee, she doesn't disappoint with her intrigue...which she also brings to her stories. Be sure to check out her work. She has penned:

~The Interpretaton of Dreams


Mizjinx, Destroyer's End although tentative about most things, she shouldn't be. Mizjinx writes just as well as she pet battles. She has penned:

~Mizjinx's Mixed Up Mind


Rhodaria the Insane soon followed in the footsteps of her beloved Sihnon and Cantique and begin to tell the tales of Reciprocity. She has penned:

~Hoarding & Papercuts

~Heroism & Death


Sihnon the Kingslayer was one of the first bards Reciprocity ever had. Her stories are always amazing. She has penned:

~The Loot

~The Wanted Poster

~Girl Talk

~Arathi Basin

~Mogu'Shan Vaults

~Weapon Shop

~Violet Hold

~Sleepy Tavern written in collaboration with Cantique and Rynn

~The Kitchen