The Graveyard

A place to remember friends and guildies who have since left this world of Azeroth. Not everyone here has left WoW entirely, but they have left us (for a period of time of at least six months) and haven't returned. We hope someday they may rise from the dead and return to us and our shenanigans. You are missed.

Those Missed: MilitadDark & Perri, Badkittai, Arawen & Malthreed, DrWhom, Emberwoof, Shenli, Llad, Yuasunder, Leilyn, Majesticwolf, Nitronious, Emar, Silmarillia, Samifly, Kathliene, Sihnon, Dornoch, Trayah, Qen & Xannaver, Raynedog, Brutality, Haarcus, Galanthis, Squishiiee, Crazyclyde, Qixote, Rahan

Miltiad: An awesome friend and guildmate Miltiad joined us when his guild and ours had a large exchange of players. He was always fun and relaxed but a highly competent player. Sadly, his schedule didn't allow him to raid with us like he wanted to so he had to find a different home. We miss you. 

Dark and Perri: Writing this here breaks my heart. Our beloved officer Dark and her daughter Perriwinklle have taken a WoW hiatus and we miss them greatly. Dark was a member of The Biscuits in The Illuminati and a founding member of Reciprocity. She was always quick with a joke and of course innuendo and an "oh baby". She is also the reason Rho had to start explaining bosses in terms of Driver's Side and Passenger's Side. Plus, her dedication to the guild and the raid team was always insane. She once covered her screen in folders just to heal a boss that flashed and caused migraines. It is my greatest hope that they will return...and soon. 

Badkittai: Is one of my favorite random guild recruits ever! She is so much fun and always able to make me laugh my ass off (thankfully not literally). Plus, it is always confusing to call her Kittai when she is a monk. She periodically has bursts of needing to attend to real life, but we always welcome her back.

Arawen (and Malthreed): Another one of our excellent Reciprocity couples, Arawen and Malthreed were friends of Evon's from her (and Rho's guild before The Illuminati). They joined us at the tail end of Pandaria and are a BLAST! Sadly with real life, jobs, and their little one they don't get much time in Azeroth these days. But, you can on occasion see Malthreed popping in and out. If you see him be sure to wave.  

DrWhom: A sneaky Gesar came and put one toon here so he could stay in touch with us. A fast friend, he came and played in Siege with us in Flex and after a parody song about him he was hooked. Sadly, he makes his main home on a different server and we only see him once in a blue moon. 

Emberwoof: Is Shenli's brother. He only joined us briefly for a month or two when he was on break from school near Winterveil, but he was a blast (just like Shen). Here's to hoping when school settles down he returns. 

Shenli: Shenli is Maggy's significant other and Maggy forcefully had him join us. Granted, he enjoyed playing (particularly the pets--but the cute ones). Shenli is another one of our Zombies, really. He comes back from time to time to play for a month and partake of the fun guild activites (you know, like at Winterveil or Anniversary time) so we hope he reanimates soon.   

Llad: Another member who joined in the wake of the summer-Zawon-Guild-Splosion, Llad is the real life best friend of Zawon. He came and joined us on several raids, proving that DKs other than Lazarys do exist. Alas, he has since disappeared (I blame school). 

Yuasunder: Also known as Overloaded. Yuasunder came to us in the guild-splosion that followed Zawon's  joining of the guild. He came and died to Thok with us over and over and over again--which was apparently too much fun becuase he then joined us. Well, on second thought, maybe it was too much Thok since he disappeared shortly after >.>

Leilyn: Also known As Sev (or Celestina) was brought to us by our fun loving Ghr-face (they were dating at the time). Sadly, she has not been back to wow much in the following years. We hope she comes back so she can tell us all ofthose terrible puns. 

Majesticwolf: She was another recruit from The Illuminati--from way way back. Like way back in the days of Qixote way back. I mean seriously-- the word battles those two got in---whew! She came back for about a month inbetween Pandaria and Draenor (and just as foul-mouthed as ever). She then once again disappeared into the ether at only level 87.

Nitronious: He joined the guild because he was a friend of Mordraug's and well, Mord is a persuasive talker. Like Mordraug, he was always down for a good laugh. Alas, he too fell to the Hunter curse and he has not been seen since 2014 when he was at level 90. 

Emar: Is Menu's brother and another one of the people we captured in the recruit-a-family-member campaign. He was never a rabid player, you know, like the crazy one here...but he was always up for running stuff with guildies. He was last seen at level 82. 

Silmarillia: A long time friend of Kela's, Silmarillia is still in the game, but she lives in the Netherlands. As such, she hasn't had time for the US Servers lately, but she might be back someday. We'll keep the lights on for her. 

Samifly: Another long time friend of Kela's, Samifly played in order to hang out with her friends--even though she wasn't particularly fond of the game. She's not likely to come back, but she is such a super awesome person we miss her anyway. Plus, hope springs eternally, right?

Kathliene: You guessed it! Another long time friend of Kela's. Kathliene got too busy with her daughter, day job, and burgeoning career as a popular romance novelist to keep raiding. She's awesome and we'd love to have her back healing, unlikely as it may be to happen. 

Sihnon: Has been a part of us for as long as I can remember. She made her home in The Illuminati before coming to Reciprocity with us. As a core member of The Biscuits, she always was involved--and in pretty much everything. She coorinated our Secret Greatfather Winter several years in a row and her contributions to the Order of the Bard and the Order of the Minstrels are outstanding. She left WoW mostly due to time constraints and severe wrist trouble. We still hope she will come back. She was last seen at level 90 in Stormwind City.  

Dornoch: Also known as Inverie to those from The Illuminati. He was a PvP fiend, and Rhodaria's first twos partner. Sadly, he never made the transition past Cataclysm even though he periodically logged on to pvp he never bought the following expansions and so only pops on once in a blue moon. 

Trayah, Qen, and Xannaver: One of our favorite guild families. Trayah and Qen were a blast form our past. They used to be part of The Illuminati before they took time off to take care of their son. When they returned to Azeroth they brought him with them and all became part of our WoW Family. They were a blast and could always make an outing fun...we sincerely hope they come back and share in the fun again soon. 

Raynedog: More of a zombie than dead, Raynedog often returns to Azeroth to visit and play with us. We welcome him back every time--since who can live without an occassional dose of the magnificent and funny Raynedog, who came up with the horrible euphemism for smoking a cigarette. Raynedog was last seen at level 87 in a blitz attack on Jade Forest in July of 2013. 

Brutalityuk: A crazy death knight and excellent raider, Brutality started out as a member of The Illuminati, but followed us in the split. He still has Awoluk his hunter as a Junior Member in Reciprocity but has faction and server changed Brutality into one of the top raiding guilds. While a little more quiet than some of us ('cause lets face it we are rambuncious) he was always warm and friendly and willing to help. We all miss clicking him instead of the Jeeves. Come back to us Jeeves! He was last seen at level 90 at the end of April of 2013 as he left our ranks to raid with Insurgence. 

Haarcus: was our first death from dailies. Poor Haarcus jumped so vhemently into land of Pandaria and spent numerous days hoofing (get it? Draenei--hoofing it hehe) from one end of Pandaria to the other and back again that fatigue set in. I bet you thought that only occured over open water. Haarcus was a longtime member or The Illuminati and the Biscuits. Although he never did join Reciprocity, he played with all of us until his departure around Winterveil in 2012.  No one quite asked how your day was like Haarcus did. He was last seen at level 90 face flat on the ground, arm outstretched reaching towards a quest giver. 

Galanthis: Another magnificent hunter and friend. Galanthis was a late addition to the Biscuits team prior to their split from The Illuminati where he made his home. He did add some toons in Reciprocity before departing. He was last seen at level 90 in 2013. We will miss his zaney and uber-intellectual jokes.

Squishiiee: Part of the Rho Clan, Squishiiee started out life on as a Horde on a PvP server (and is actually one of the reasons Rho even started playing the game), but came over to Earthen Ring to join the family. She joined us at the tail end of the days of The Illuminati and while she didn't raid often, she was always up for a good time on a Biscuits shenanigan run.  She was last seen at level 87 and her numerous "oh baby" comments are missed.

CrazyClyde: Crazyclyde came cross-faction and realm with Squishiiee. He was both quiet and crazy all at the same time. He kept trying to beat Rho at achievement points, but he sure won't make it unless he rises from the dead and rejoins us. He also joined The Illuminati when he first entered Earthen Ring and was last seen at level 87. 

Qixote: Another hunter friend (okay, this is starting to look bad--HIDE your hunters, people!) Qixote, or simply Q (cause lets be honest who wants to try and shout Qixote in the middle of a raid--or even who can without stumbling over their own tongue). Q was part of The Illuminati and a Biscuits team member. Qixote was last seen at level 81, but there are rumors he was back on his warrior since then at level 85. We will miss his crazyness and his sailor mouth. Ya never knew what was going to come out of it next. Dark really misses Baxter. BRING BAXTER BACK!!

Rahan: A great hunter and friend. Rahan was part of The Illuminati & Biscuits team member when we first started. There wasn't a night that went by in ICC where Rahan didn't die to the dreaded elevator boss(es). And boy, did he know how to use those hunter abilities. Could make a girl [Feign Death] at will. But as Dark always says, "He can [Misdirect] himself toward me anyday. He was last seen at level 80, likely still demanding that his bow drop. We miss Rahan's soft-spoken kindness (and that accent).