The Guildie of the Week is a guild member who has been nominated by one or more of their guildmates for going above and beyond for the guild and the memebers of the guild. To see all of the details on submitting a nomination, check out the forum post


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Offthechaeni was the one who kept pushing the whole their may be a secret attunement required for the new raid everyone go do your gosh darn dailies pusher. And thankgoodness because most of us were clueless and moving at a snail's pace. 

Edovard was nominated for donating his high level keystone to a guild group and leeting us smash (and I do mean smash) our faces into it until we emerged victorious. We truly appreciate your kindness and patience.

Espurr was recently nominated for dropping everything she was doing (even though she was busy) and helping a guildie run mythic+s. I know she says she loves them, but it still means a lot when you help us out--thanks for all you do. 

Cantique was nominated for running ALL of the dungeons. I can't even count the number of mythics she ran last week. Not only did she help people get their weekly quests compelted, but she also helped us stock up on cauldrons for raid. Thanks for perkily always helping out!

Surdor was nominated once again for single handedly feeding the raid for at least a week or two. We really miss him in raids, but deeply appreciate that he is still helping out in what ways he can. We appreciate you more than you know Surdor!

Distained was nominated for helping two guildies get caught up with their Jaina storylines in order to unlock the Kul Tirans. He ran duneons and helped them find the quests. We really appreciate all you do to help out. 

Tinkertotte aka Marisone was nominated this week for all her help to supply flasks by provising lots of anchor weed. We deeply aprpeciate everything you do Marisone!

Oddbee was nominated for going the xtra mile to level, gear, and run dungeon after dungeon to get us flask enabled after Coroc's computer literalyl got struck by lightning. We appreciate all you do for us Bee. 

Mazorleon was nominated this week for all the fun he helped guildies have doing PvP. Your patience, help, and guidance are greatly appreciated. We have really enjoyed having you back in the game. 

Surdor was nominated for being soooooo amazing I can barely put it into words. For several weeks now he has provided 80-90% of the materials for our feasts for raids. I can't even begin to describe how happy this makes me and how thankful I am for what you do Surdor. 

Rhodaria was nominated by a sweet guildie who insisted I add myself to this list this week. Thank you for making me feel special and appreciated. 

Danidelsol was nominated this past week for immediately jumping up and helping a brand new guildie gear up in mythics. Not only did that guildie deeply appreciate the help, but so do I as I have not had nearly as much time as I would like to help people out so far this expansion. 

Marky was nominated for "being awesoe" and "always helping" a guildie. I know it is rough being awesome, but we appreciate your sacrifice.

Etharuhne was nominated this past week for picking up the slack and healing during some of the raids this week. She was literally the one who made us able to raid. Thank you so much for your flexibility! 

Surdor was nominated for his dedication and hard work. He spent several long days gearing his toon in time for the raid. Your dedication to this guild and our raid team is amazing and we are lucky to have you here. 

Etharuhne was nominated for helping out multiple people this week. Not only was she ready to join mythic groups at the drop of a hat, but she was also always willing to get on her tank and tank normals and heroics for people who were still gearing up. Thank you for helping out whre you can--we (and our shiny gear) appreciates it. 

Coroc was nominated for helping organize groups, making sure we have cualdrons for raids, and jsut generally being positive and supoortive as we enter this exciting new expansion. We are really glad you are back Coroc. 

Swiftkarma despite never being able to pick a class has been a wonderful asset this expansion so far. He has helped gear people up and answer questions and all while being pleasant--even when mythics can take several hours and be a wee bit ouchy! Thanks for being positive and patient Swift!

Elenntari was nominated this week for being a heal bitch. Being one fo the only geared healers sometimes is a tiresome job. She has healed normals, heroics and several mythics (some where she couldn't even get loot) just to help gear people up for raids. All while trying to start the semester. And at the same time she has supported me in tryin gto et raids and groups up and running. 

Marisone & Munseyrogue *peaks up from  underneath a giant pile of potions* both of these guildies answered the call for potions last week within minutes (okay it might have been hours) regardless it was beyond helpful for our raiding and saved the guild a bunch of money and farming and time. We deeply appreciate it. 

Nanaive (aka Cantique) was nominated this week for her perpetual good attitude. She is always friendly and warm nd kind in guild and in raid she keeps a great attitude that keeps the rest of us on track, even when we start to feel down. She helps us remember that is is a game and we are here for each other. 

Cindeelouwho was nominated this week for taking on a massive endeavor of cleaning up the guild roster in Evon's absence. Now, technically she asked for something to do to help her immense boredom--but it is a giant job and a tremendous help so three cheers for Cindee!  

Rhodaria was nominated for all that she does to help keep the guild running. But mostly she put it in the newsletter because when she didn't unclude it the first time she was threatened upon pain of death >.> 

Baalance was nomiated for keeping in touch with a guildie who isnt currently able to play a bunch. That guildies said it realyl made them feel special and still feel like a part of the guild. Thanks Balance for keeping people in our thoughts and making them feel special. 

Surdor was nominated over the past few weeks for being extra patient and putting the raid team in front of his own desires to raid. We were on Progression Argus for like 2 weeks and he dutifully waited to start raiding until we had downed it. We deeply appreciate your committment to the raid team. 

Acidblackz was nominated this past week for taking time outof his night to help several guildies complete their emissary of war quests...even after he finished his! We appreciate your dedication to the guild.

Baalance was nominated for supplying the guild with feasts for a whole week

Mordraug was nominated for making guildis several legendaries to help gear them up!

Shero & Megalomania were nominated for donating a ton of items to the guild prize vault for the anniversary. 

Celadrithien was nominated for being the helpiest of helpful people this week. She helped me by helping other people gear up and level in the past several weeks when I didn't have the time to do so. She really spent a lot of hours helping and we really appreciate all you do not just for those individuals for but for the guild as well. Thanks Cela. 

Dancingbee was nominated for just having a general all around wonderful demeanor that always makes everyone smile (and for being a baddass-non-wimp). Also, for being willing to not back down from the last minute swtich from melee to ranged during the almsot last night of Avatar challenge. We thank you Bee!

Noinar was nominated this past week for stepping up to the tanking plate while Whithers was incapacitated from arm surgery...we love spousal coercion...I mean we love you Noinar!

Cantique was nominated for providing flasks for the entire group during our Black Temple Timewalking raid! We are so thankful for your generosity and preparedness!

Rondoh was nominated for stepping up these past few weeks! He on more than one occassion provided cauldrons for raids when Cindeelouwho couldn't make it to the raid. 

Whithers was nominated for being a brave panda! Okay, not exactly a panda--but a bear nonetheless! We deeply appreciate you stepping up to become our third consistent tank Whithers. 

Cindeelouwho. I can't lie, I don't actually remember what Cindee was nominated for...but on my post it that says GotW nominations it said Cindee with four exclamation marks !!!! and it was I think I was serious about that nomination...I am sure she deserves it! She does so much for us. YAY Cindee *dances*

Marisone was nominated for helping take a load off of Rho's shoulders a few week's ago! A thing rho really appreciates. Love all that you do Mari.

Yuasunder was nominated for being a total sport this past Tuesday during raid. Not only did he put a ton of effort into being ready to rid this week (in just a few short days) but he twice sat out so that we could get bosses down because his lag was too bad. We really appreciate your understanding and flexibiliy. 

Coroc was nominated for driving ALL day and rushing to get home just in time to sit down and raid AND he stuck it out--on heroic! We love your dedication to our raid team and this guild Coroc. 

Celadrithien is always willing to help out, group up, and smash shit! This week she was nominated for helping a guildie finish up their timewalking dungeons at the final hour! Which, not only did they appreciate, but so did I since that allowed me to rest my shoulder. We love all that you do for the guild Cela--even if you are having fun while doing it. 

Nalik was nominated this week for always being willing to help out guildies and make them smile. Not only did he surprise a guildie with an awesome presen that made their day, but he offered to help tank in order to gear up an up-and-coming riader! We appreciate all that you do Nalik!

Baalance was nominated for bringing a fellow guildie into some mythics this past week, even when they didn't know the dungeons. He helped show them the ropes and was patient with him even when he died. A real example of what a guild member should be! We are so glad you (*cough* finally *cough*) joined us. 

Ronaloudance Baladeedoh (aka Rondoh, Balance & Cindeelouwho) the shaman wonder team were nominated this past week for going above and beyond the callof duty by spending several hours running dungeon after dungeon (including a black rook +8 with volcanic) to help gear up Deaxus this weekend. Now that is some solid shaman bonding. I don't think we can say thank you enough times. 

Galfin was nominated for slaving away with the beasts and leather to craft up a whole set of gear fo a newly leveled alt of a guildie. I am pretty sure if said guildie was a squeeler...they squeeled. Thanks Galfin for the amazing gift both to that guildie and to the guild for your continued presence here. 

Coroc was nominated this week for thinking ahead and making us all runes for our Heroic Elissane funtimes this week. He had the forethought to get us all prepared all on his own and we appreciate it! That twit is going down. 

Vargis was nominated for basically becoming everyone's locksmith. I can't even count the number of lockboxes he has opened for me in the last few weeks on two hands. I mean, I guess it is just what happens when all the rogues in Azeroth disappear, but we aprpeciate it all the same.

Evon & Euladarj were nominated by an ecstatic guild mate after they helped her od some raids on her non-guilded toons. See, this is why we love you guys (and the guild generally) we are a family even if not all of our toons are here (I mean we need bank alts after all).

Lazarys was nominated this past week for helping a fellow guildie out in a dungeon. Not only did he help by just doing the dungeon, but he stayed around and helped that person finish a quest after everyone else had left the instance. We ove your dedication and willingness to help others. 

Munsy may be new to the guild but he sure fits right in. He has a great sense of humor (which let's just say is a winning trait to start with) and in addition to that he loves to help out his guildies. Whether it is running dungeons or preparing feasts Munsy has been ready to help at a moments notice. We are glad you joined us Munsy. 

Shero also known as "The Baconator" ...  was nominated this past week for going above and beyond the call of...meat? Shero has been one of the main suppliers of bacon for our feasts this past few weeks. We deeply apprecite you your meat-y-ness 

Tinkertotte aka Marisone is a wonderful guildie who is always willing to help her guild mates and who is master of all things pet-ish. She frequnetly gives pets to anyone interested and shares her knowledge with anyone who asks. Reciprocity is a better place beause of Marisone!

Celadrithien do I put it...enthusiasm to our guild and we love it. She was nominated this last week for being one of the driving forces behind our checkmark completion. Guild gold is always great and it is a ton of fun to smash things together. Know that you are loved and valued here Cela. 

Offthechaeni does a ton for this guild that she never gets recognized for. This week she was nominated for helping set up the guild discord server and writing up the directions and walking several guildies through the set up process. We are so appreciative of all that you do. 

Rondoh was nominated this week for always bringing light and happiness to the guild. He is always full of optimism and cheer and keeps life and raids always and ever pleasant and worthwhile. Thank you for helping make this guild a wonderful place to be. 

Devilbroly was nomianted for always being willing to do what the guild needs. Not only does he always ask in guild if people need heroics or mythic dungeons, but also agreed to be our second tank for Sundays. 

Nalik was nominated for last minute bravery in the trenches. He was willing to let Chaeni give him her scattered and vague attemtpts at tanking directions at the last minute when we had no tank. We appreciate your willingness to dive into the deep end. 

Evon does so much to keep this guild running. Most of it behind the scenes so we don't get to see it, but it is a ton of work. For all the work we see--and all that we don't...heaps and heaps of thank yous. 

Eldios has once again returned...hopefully for good. And thank goodness too. He jumped right into the raid this past sunday and bravely tanked for us with no warning.  Thank you for sticking your neck out (literally) for us.

Megabites is great to have around again--we sure have missed her. She took a big jump into the deep end this past week learning and doing all of EN and Tov and then right into the Nighthold. We thank you for picking up Noinar's tank spot and for your continued fearlessness.

Studd...the great studdly meister. Who doesn't love Studd? Hear that? SILENCE! Studd was nominated this week for Soloing Darkheart Thicket in order to help a guildie with a dungeon quest. The things this guy will do to help out the guild. 

Cindeelouwho has been a savior this expansion. Not only does she keep us flasked with her cauldrons, but she keeps throwing TONS of food in the guild bank. I have no idea how she does it, but boy am I glad she does. 

Huckleberri has always been a great guildmate--that said, he has been especally helpful and awesome since our recent guild split. Not only has he remained upbeat and positive but he has gone out of his wy to help people and to make our new (and returning) guilies feel at home.

Tinkertotte (aka marisone) always brings smiles to guild chat. She is fun and welcoming--always. Plus, she never hesitates to spread the pet love around!! We love you Mari and thanks for always taking the time to say hello and share. 

Ishnai was nominated this last week. Not only is she good for a laugh (trust me she is funny), but she was nominated twice in the past two weeks. She helped a guildie find the mysteriously missing cnaady bucket in the Blasted Lands and she helped out in a fun Pepe achievement run. 

Sveraph is a great example of a hardworking and giving guildie. She has not only spent a ton of time and materials making literally ALL THE ENCHANTS, but she is constantly running every world quest she can for chaos crystals. Plus, she is grinding out all of her reps so she can get the rank 3 recipies. 

Lazarys the amazing statistical anaomly is just another great example of the wonderful people who populate this guild. He was nominated for giving up his loot (even though it was an upgrade for him) and passing it to a guildie who it was a greater upgrade for. It is selfless actions like this that make us stronger as a guild and a raid team. 

Studd may be a recent addition to our guild and our raid team but he is definitely a great asset. Studd was nominated for never hesitqating to volunteer himself to join a guild group to help out a guildie running a dungeon. It never matters whether the difficulty is a mythic+ or a normal. He always steps up and volunteers. 

Vycerra is a great addition to our guild. I mean, yeah he may have joined because his brother was here but we love him for who he is. Not only does he have the friendlies of demeanors, but he spent the last two weeks making not only the little gems, but the big gems for a ton of us in the guild. Thank you.

Iceyhott was nominated this week for literally running all of the dungeons. It is true that many of our guildies helped gear each other for raiding. But Icey spent hours upon hours in dungeons he didn't need to run to help out his guild mates. Plus, I think we kinda traumatizes him in Violet Hold...more than once. Thank you for your sacrifice!

Evon was nominated this week. Annnnd, I wrote down why on a post-it, but gonna be honest I can't find it and can't remember why. But, I am sure we can all agree she is awesome and worthy of recognition. 

Sulfurion has been an awesome guildie since the first day he joined. Sadly, he doesn't get to play as much as WE want him to play. But, whenever he is on he proves to be a great guildie. This week he was nominated for helping a panicing guild both graciously and kindly. We do so appreciate it when people don't make us crazies feel crazier ^.^

Shero is simply put a great guildie. She we doubly--or possibly triply--nominated this week for all she does for her fellow guildies. Specifically, she was nominated for more than twice helping guildies catch some rare pets by finding them and keeping them occupied until a guildie got there. We do so appreciate your thougtfulness. 

Oddbee is the amazingly naked--or naked and amazing priest! But that wasn't why she was nomianted this week...or was it >.> I kid! She was nominated this week for going above and beyond and helping coordinate, organize and run raids while the Rho clan was away on vacation. Yippie! And all that was before she was promoted to events officer. Little does she know she gets to recognition for all her work now *evil laugh*

Rafaeula (better known as Eulaa or Euladarj) or perhaps jokingly referred to as Eulabum has been a great addition to the guild since he returned to WoW at the beginning of Warlords. He was nominated this week for being a guildie's good luck charm and helping them get their Alani mount. Plus, there are several guildies who are thankful for the great and powerful Eulapedia--perhaps better known as for those of us who forget (or are too lazy) about wowhead. Hip hip hooray for Eulaa!

Badkittai is another one of our great random finds. We find them out in the world and then hide them away in our guild because they are so amazing and awesome. Badkittai is always a blast, but this week she was nominated for all the work she put into organzing a bunch of different posts that were aimed at getting people out and doing things together like mounts and rep. Plus, we always like it when people are active on the website!

Coaxxe was nominated for Guildie of the Week for the role he played in helping create our most recent Order of Reciprocity: The Order of the Austere Challenger. His ideas not only contributed to a great amount of discussion in guild chat, but also gave a bunch of us something to do in the lul before the Legion Pre-Patch. 

Swiftdevil is back! Which would be reason enough to nominate him, but that's not why he's here. He spent a ton of time fishing up the dreaded Lavascale Catfish for our first Herald run this week--and he wasn't even going. We love you Swift.

Evon is amazing, which we all know. But this week we get to acknowledge how awesome she is. She is always willing to give to guildies, this time she as nominated for selflessly grinding out claws for my achievement and mount. I can't even begin to express my gratitude.

Shero may be relatively new to the guild, but she has settled in quite nicely. She was originally nominated for flooding the guild bank with fish and food within two hours of the request. Then, on top of that she stepped up to the tanking plate without any complaining when Meg's summer imploded. We are super happy you joined us!

Catballou is always willing to lend a hand. This week she not only offered to help those who were gearing for herald of the titan, but she also helped me acquire some horde only pets. She is always so giving and we are lucky to have her as part of the guild. 

Spacehealer has been in the guild for a long time. He was nominated this last week for going that extra mile. He parked his warlock outside of the raid so that we could have summons for the raid. His forethough and selflessness made the raid that much easier.

Rilor is one of our mighty warlocks and he was nominated this week for spending some extra time after a raid to give a fellow raider some DPS tips and tricks. Love it when we take the time to share the little lessons we have learned with each other. 

Reciprocity Raid Team: This is a tad unconventional, but I want to recognize the entire Reciprocity Raid Team that has worked so hard over the past few months to take down Heroic Archimonde. All of them have remained positive, persisitent and worked as a team. It definitely demonstrates all that we stand for. I'd like to recognize those consistent raiders who have diligently pushed together to accomplish this great goal: Acidblackz, Broly, Catballou, Chaeni, Elenntari, Eulaa, Evon, Ironteck, Kelastra, Lazarys, Megabites, Oddbee, Rilor, Shero, Spacehealer, Superfizz, Truleigh, Wolfmanus. Also honorable mention to Bulen and Overloaded who couldn't always come as regularly but always came and gave their all when they could. 

Oddbee is a beloved member of our guild. She was nominated this week for going above and beyond for brainstorming ways to help a few of our guildies that were struggling with some mechanics. I really love this kind of behavior. It is great that we can get creative and help each other with the things we struggle with.

Chaeni is one of those amazing guilides who rarely gets the recognition she deserves. She often does tons of work as the raid stalker, but this week she spent extra time sifting through logs and looking over gear to make as many tweaks as possible. She really is amazing, and I'm not just saying htat because she's my sister...honest.

Broly was nominated this week for always being willing to hop in and help. Not only has he always been willing to help with a guild checkmark, but he often takes a ton of his time to help out guildies. A week ago he helped out a fellow guildie with the weekly and helped her finish it up not only on her main but on alts too!

Shero not only joined the guild this week, but she was nominated for guilide of the week as well. She was nominated for jumping straight into the deep end. She joined and not 24 hours later she was tanking for us in a raid, which she then did a second night as well (with only an hour's notice). We really appreciate your willingness to learn and jump into the fire. We are looking forward to getting to know you more. 

Zawon is back and just as awesome as ever. After taking a break *whispers* and going horde for the first part of the expansion Zawon is back with us. And, he is back with a vengeance. He has been crafting upgrades for people, running instances, chilling in cent and just bringing back a great Zawon atmosphere to the guild. We are glad you came back Zawon. 

Ironteck has been a wonderful addition to our guild.  He is always friendly and helpful. He was nominated this week for spending tons of time and effort improving himself as a raider. It has been great to see his dedication to the raid team and the guild. Guildies like you are what make our guild great. 

Sverah is still a bit new to the guild, but I know many of us are super happy to have her call us home. She was nominated this week simply for being awesome. I have had numerous people tell me how she is simply an amazing person to be around. She is always fun to talk to and makes them smile and have a good day. We are blessed to have someone like you in the guild making our days a little sunnier. 

Broly-the-ever-pessimist was nominated for spending an entire weel (and honestly a little longer) toon hoping and role swtiching to fill the needed spots in raids while our tanks and healers were MIA due to real life stuffs. We really appreciate your flexibility Broly. 

Megabites has always been a giving guildie. In the past weeks Meg has been at it again. Spending countless hours helping Cat with her legendary ring and then this last week taking time out of her very very busy weekend to help El and I finish our herlad characters. We appreciate how much she gives to the guild. 

Rhodaria was nominated forcefully against her will for helping a fellow guildie gear up a new toon and get their ring quest started. 

Elenntari was nominated twice this week. She took the time to look through logs to help one of our raiders and she took the time to sit down and talk with a fellow guildie about some life stuff, which really helped them out. I really love that we can be here for each other not just as players, ut as people. We love that you are so loving El!

Evon always does a ton for the guild and usually without any recognition. This week she went even above and beyond her usual amazing self. She came back from her grandfather's funeral only to tank at a moment's notice to top of all her other responsibilities. We really are blessed to have you as part of our guild. 


Huckleberri was nominated this week. He has really been listening to what I have been saying during raids and has improved a ton over the past few weeks. He was also the only person to volunteer a raid reflection to me this week. Plus, he always has extra Savage Feasts for raids. 

Stoic is a recent addition to the guild. He has not only been fun and friendly, but he charged headfirst into adulting on Xhul without any hesitation. I am pretty sure I want to keep him around. 

Eulaa has been nominated a few times over the last few weeks so I figured we should toss them all together here. He was helped with raiding whenI was unavailable, set up and run achievement runs and he sat down with a guildie and really helped them with their rotation, glyphs and talents. We appreciate all that you do.  

Angelakagi was nominated this week for not only being friendly to everyone, but for taking that extra time to help out new guildies and those coming back from extended breaks and getting them up and running. 

Ironteck is a great new addition. Besides being an all around pleasant and awesome addition he recently volunteered to help with mythics and then on top of it he volunteered to heal so Rho didn't have to. Seriously, I think this one's a keeper. 



This week's group includes Megabites, Puritan & Valkirins. They were all nominated for helping a fellow guildie get not one, but three holiday achievements (the PvP ones). Plus, they did it with patience and optimism. We are so happy to have allof these amazing guild mates. 

Yuasunder is back! Previously known as "Overdead" he is back--and with a vengence too. He hasn't skipped a beat getting back to raiding. He jumped into the deep end doing a ton of work to get himself caught up on gear, strategy and all things raiding. We love it when guildie go the extra mile to make sure they are ready. 

Mizjinx is amazing--there are no doubts there. She is constantly amazing us, but this week she went above and beyond by not only helping a guildie but facing one of her biggest fears to do so. Amazing as ever and we are so greatful. 

Swiftdevil is warm and amazing and tons of other adjectives. This week he was nominated for gifting a fellow guildie a rather expensive pet just because he felt like it (rather than sell it). It made the person's day! Of course...none of that explains this picture >.>


Geeforce is an amazing guildie who always is helpful and friendly. But this week he went above and beyond. He helped a fellow guildie get their hearthstone set up and a bunch of flightpoints. Now they are ready to level like a fiend! It's those little things that make all the difference.


Ishnai is another recent addition to the guild (and by my favorite way (sister of a guildie). Since she has joined she has been a blast to interact with. Now, I can't exactly tell you all of the specifics of why Ishnai was nominated this eek (because I don't remember). What I do remember is that this week we were talking in guild chat and she put the biggest smile on my face and really turned my day around. So a giant thank you for being a light and shining fun and happiness into my life--I needed it. 

Cerei is a recent join to Reciprocity but I am sure pleased she did. Cerei was nominated this week for not onlying adulting this week, but doing so with no notice (and in the face of Laz trying to scare her off) she kicked ass at it!

Sabrinnah was nominated this week for improvign the quality of life of many pet battlers this week. Not only did she have a ton of information that she shared with people, but she also suggested an amazing addon. I must say even though I knew she was a keeper it is now official. 


Fizzllepop is one of the alter-egos of Mr. Whithers Warbucks. He was nominated this week for being amazing and sacrifiing his chance at loot in order to allow us to hold our Mannoroth lockout from last week. We are so thankful you made this sacrifice so we didn't have to play with Tyrant again. 


Oddbee is such an amazing guildie. She is always willing to help out someone in need. Even if that need is to charge headlong into danger and sure destruction. There is no better way to die than with your friends. We are glad you are willing to die with us and for us Bee. 

Elenntari may be a founding member of Reciprocity, but she is often overlooked for all that she gives to the guild. She was nominated this week for her continued dedication not just to her mom but also to the guild. We know raiding can sometimes be a struggle with all that goes on at home, but we are lucky to have you make that struggle for us. 


Mustachiomax is a recent addition to Reciprocity, but he wasted no time in gearing up and joining us in raids. What's better than that is that he also was willing to get tossed into the deep end of the pool and tanked several times in the last two weeks AND with different co-tanks. Through it all he has been pleasant and amazing (even when we kill him because we forgot to tell him the mechanics). 


Swiftdevil is in one word amazing. We have been blessed to have him as part of Reciprocity. I spent twenty minutes the other night listening to all the reasons Swift was so wonderful and the takeaway? Well, they all wanted to sitting at his feet barking like seals (yes they actually said that). So, needless to say, we are glad you make Reciprocity your home. 

Marisone who we are most lucky to have in the guild is always happy to help out a guildie. She is even more happy to help out a guildie if it involves pets, which is what she was nominated for this week. She gave a fellow guildie their very own Lil' Laz (aka Lil' Bad Wolf) and it made the person's day!


Stumbley may be quiet like the rogue he is--but when he talks and helps BAM. This week he was nominated for helping a fellow guildie finish out their bone grinding on the Isle of Giants. And for anyone who has done that grind we know what a lot of work that can be. 

Brolyna who is an awesome addition to our guild is one of the most flexible and wonderful people. He is always willing to do what is best for the group. He was nominated this week for helping our two newest guilides in some timewalking dungeons and then on top of that even did Skyreach to help one of them hit 100! We


Eulaa...ah Eulaa--our wonderful Eulaa. He is always ready to help out a guildie with raids. This last two weeks he really stepped up and helped more than jsut a handful of people pug some HFC while the Rho clan was gone and we were on our annual Raid Hiatus. 

Walta is one of our lucky finds. He is always willing to help out a guildie in need and was nominated this week for donating a large chunk of gold to a guildmate whose funds were depleted. Plus...did you see the new lottery? WOWZA. 


Stumbley is a quiet but not quiet kind of guildie. That is to say, he doesn't always say a lot...but when he does OH watch out lol. This week Stumbley was nominated for not only taking the time to explain timewalking dungeons to a guildie, but also helping them run a bunch of them. 

Lazarys is jsut downright amazing. Now, in all honesty I can't exactly remember why I nominated Laz last week for guildie of the week (see this is the problem of not doing stuff right away) BUT I think it was because he spent a ton of time helping me understand my gear and stat priorities and finding me shiny things. 


Mizjinx is our wonderful hunter and pet enthusiast. This week she went above and beyond and helped a ton of guildies get their very own fel pup! We deeply appreciate your help, even if we know you do it just to get others hooked ^.~