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General Rules: It is our goal to provide a fun and relaxed environment for all raids, we understand that people have lives outside of the game and believe that entering Azeroth should be an enjoyable experience.

We expect all players to treat each other with respect, and work as a team to achieve our common goals.

Changes for Battle for Azeroth have been added--updated 9/3/18

Your Responsibilities: As a member of a team you are expected to come prepared to raids. This includes, working on obtaining gear upgrades, being gemmed and enchanted as well as having flasks and buff food (see The Scroll of Sharing for what is available in the guild bank).

  • Gems: Please make sure that you have socketed all items. It is understandable to not socket low level gear with high quality gems, but if a piece of gear is likely to be around for awhile, it is best to use the high quality cuts. There are low level gems in the guild bank and you can usually find high level gems by asking in guild.
  • Enchants: Make sure that all gear is enchanted. Remember that what can be enchanted are: cloaks, necks, rings and weapons.  If you need materials or a specific enchant just ask until such time as the guild bank is stocked. 
  • Flasks: Please come with enough (level appropriate) flasks to last for the allotted raid time. We will attampt to provide cauldrons for each raid, so we hope we won't need them regularly, but having them as a backup it a must. Flasks are not soul bound, so feel free to toss any extras you have into the guild bank. 
  • Food: Buff food is important! The guild bank is well stocked with differnt buff food, be sure to get what you need or ask an officer to get some out of the bank for you.
  • Research: Whether you are learning more about your character, their abilities, rotation, stat weights and preferences or mechanics for fights, knowing as much as you can will help you and your raid team. If you need help, just ask and we can point you in the direction of some helpful sites, guides, and guildies. 

Disclaimer: While each of these areas are each player’s responsibility, we are a community and we seek to help each other out as best we can. Guildies are usually more than willing to help run instances, do LFR or grind dailies, ask a guildie! We also have a well-stocked guild bank which has a majority of the items needed (requests are welcomed too--we have most of the professions covered). BUT please keep in mind that as a community we want to help each other not just ourselves, so if you need something please also donate. If we work together we make it easier and faster for everyone.  For specific rules about the Guild Bank, please see our Scroll of Sharing.


Raid Format: Starting with Warlords we now have a new raid format (since there were changes with the flexible style). As a "casual" raid team we have a limited number of hours to raid every week, so we need to make the most out of what we have.

In order to do this, we are implementing a 2 segment approach to our raids. Raiders can join/leave at the beginning of each segment. If you are more than 5 minutes late you will have to wait until the start of the next segment. This is to enable us to start on time and with minimal interruptions. If you are only going to be a few minutes late, please let Rho know (via text, facebook etc.).

Raids are designed to last for two and a half hours. This is broken up into two segments. The first will last one hour, followed by a 7 minute break, and then the second segment will be the last hour and 7 minutes of the raid. 

Please be ready for raid invites 15 minutes prior to start time. We need time to get everyone summoned and buffed. We want to be ready to PULL at start time. 

The same is true if you are showing up for half time. Here is how a typical raid week looks:

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays:
8:15 Be online for invites
8:15-8:35 Summons, buffing etc.
8:30-8:35 GO time
8:30-9:30ish First half of the raid
9:30-9:37ish 7 Break time
9:37-9:45 Second half invites & buffs
9:45-10:45 Second half of the raid

1:45 Be online for invites
1:45-2:05 Summons, buffing etc.
2:00-2:05 GO time
2:00-3:00ish First half of the raid
3:00-3:07ish 7 Break time
3:07-3:15 Second half invites & buffs
3:15-4:15 Second half of the raid

If you want to attend second half please make sure you are only no later than the start of second half listed above.


Raid Sign-Ups: Raids are posted on the calendar on the website for your reference, but sign-ups should be done via the in-game calendar. Raids are posted a month at a time. Each posted raid describes the event, and the required item level. 

You must meet the requirements for the specific raid and be signed on a guild toon at invite time in order to be eligible to attend a raid on a given raid night.

Should I use Accepted or Tentative when I sign up?
When signing up for raids players should use the "Accepted"* option if they are relatively sure they can make they raid. If they are not sure they can make the raid, players should sign up as "tentative". Remember that you are encouraged to sign up as tentative if there is even a slight chance you can come. You can change your status at any time, however, if you change your status after 10:00 pm the night before the raid in question you should send an in-game mail to rhodaria (or contact her out of game) to let her know of the change so she can adjust the roster accordingly as well). 

*Players can sign up as accepted if they are going to only be able to make half of the raid (either first or second half) but they need to let Rhodaria know so she can properly balance the roster.


Raid Team Generation: So how do we decide who gets to attend?

A Word About Raid Mains
Remember that you are allowed one main raiding toon. This means that unless requested by the raid leader you should expect to come to raids with the toon/spec you have chosen. This is to help maintain balance as well as ensure we are building the strongest team possible. To see a list of peoples mains, check out the BfA Raiding Post

What Considerations Go into Making A Raid Team?
The raid roster is created the night before each raid. The deadline for sign ups is 10:00 pm the night before the raid. The raid roster for each raid night is made from sign-ups from the in-game calendar. The general process is as follows:
The first requirement that has to be met is the minimum gear score for the specific raid. Second, the raid leader needs to ensure that we have the appropriate number of tanks, healers, melee and ranged DPS. This is crucial since these roles need to be filled and balanced in order for our group to be successful. (Please note that if we end up with too many of one role and not enough of other roles we may need to adjust. For example, if we only ahve 4 healers, we can not bring a full 30 person raid).
As long as the first and second requirements are met, attendace for each raid roster is decided based on sign up deadlines and sign-up status. There are three types of sign-up deadlines and status (listed below):

  • Accepted by 10:00 pm Day Before the Raid
  • Accepted by 6:00 pm Day of Raid
  • Tentatives which must be posted by 6:00 Day of Raid

How is the Initial Raid Roster Created?
The initial raid roster, which is posted the night before each raid is generated as follows:
Players who signed up as "Accepted" prior to 10:00pm the night before the raid in question will be given first priority. All players signed up as "Tentative" at this time will automatically placed on Backup. If there are more "accepted signups than spaces in the raid some players will have to sit out. But, that is okay because we rotate players to ensure that everyone gets to play. In the event that there are more signups than available raid spaces some "Accepted" people will be placed on the Backup (Accepted) list.
What if I Signed up Late or as Tentative?
At invite time for the raid in question, once the raid has been filled with those from the initial raid roster we will check to see if we have room for anyone who signed up as "Accepted" after the 10:00pm deadline the night before but before the 6:00 pm deadline the night of the raid. After those individuals have been added, we will see if there is room for anyone who signed up as "Tentative prior to the 6:00 pm deadline the night of the raid and is online and wanting to join.

Anyone who did not sign up but is online at invite time will be added to the raid roster at the discretion of the raid leader.  

If you have any questions about how raid teams are generated, please contact Rhodaria.

Always be sure to check the raid forums for any updates on raiding from Rho. 


Loot Rules: (note that there have been changes)

With the changes to personal loot we are using personal loot. If you receive loot that you can not use, you should trade it to the designated loot master (usually Rhodaria). These items will be rolled on at break time and end time. This allows us to help distribute loot and strengthen our raid team. At the end of each segment the loot master will link all of the collected loot to be rolled on (in the order to be rolled on). This allows you to choose which pieces are your highest priority to roll on. The general order of loot to be rolled on will be Azerite Armor Pieces > cloth > leather > mail > plate > cloaks > rings/neck > trinkets > weapons. 

When a piece of loot is available for rolls, all interested members of the raid team, regardless of MS/OS are asked to /roll. If you win a piece of gear, it counts as a loot piece for that night (even if it is for your offspec). That means that if another piece of loot drops and you roll against someone who has fewer loot pieces than you, they get priority on the item even if you rolled higher. If no one rolls on an item, it will be offered once more at the end of the loot distribution period. If no one rolls this time the item will be sharded and placed in the guild bank. 

Please note: Once you have obtained an azerite piece for a particular slot you will not be awarded that piece again until no one needs that piece. 

All "loot piece counts" are reset at the end of each night. Each raid night all raid team members start fresh. 

Patterns: *Patterns do not count as a loot piece, but instead have a separate pattern count.* When a pattern becomes available all raid members who have that profession on the toon that is in the raid get first chance to roll for the pattern. If no members of the raid team have that profession, or if all players already have the pattern the next roll goes to alts with that profession at the required level. If still no one needs/wants the pattern the next roll goes to alts with lower level professions.