Scroll of Fresh Meat



Welcome to Reciprocity! If you haven't already done so, you should read the rest of the Scrolls of Reciprocity, particularly the Scroll of the Path to find out more about who we are and what we do.

Getting started in a new guild can sometimes be difficult. You may not always feel like you fit in or know who everyone else in the guild is. Here are some tips for getting to know your guildies:

  • Ask guildies to run with you, whether it is quests, dungeons or raids, friends make Azeroth even more fun.
  • Talk in Guild Chat (/g) or hop on vent (see the Scroll of Yammering) talking to your guildies is a great way to get to know them.
  • Join our Facebook Group to see all the news updates, videos memes etc. (wow and non-wow related).
  • Introduce yourself and/or your character. Utilize the forums to post about yourself in Introductions or about your character in our RP Character Backgrounds section.
  • Learn about others. Check out other players in real life or their characters.


Don't forget to get involved! Check out all of our guild events either in game or on the calendar on the website.


Want to get promoted? Promotions are first available after you have been part of Reciprocity for 1 month. You must also have claimed your character on the website and demonstrated that you have read our Scrolls of Reciprocity. Still have questions? Ask an officer and they will assist you.