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Reciprocity is first and foremost a community. 

Reciprocity embodies the word; a mutual exchange of ideas, respect, goods, you name it. We give and we get because we set out to help each other grow as a whole, not as individuals. 

Reciprocity was founded by a group known as the "Biscuits", on November 30th, 2012, as an off-shoot of The Illuminati. 

Reciprocity's mission is to have fun in an environment of mutual respect and tolerance.  We are a diverse group of individuals, which we believe makes us stronger.  We want everyone to be themselves and be accepted and accepting.

We have a strong PvE focus, but we will do anything involving fun & shenanigans.  Primarily we raid current content and run older content for achievements and fun, but we also try to spend time leveling with new players and alts.  Our raid structure and policies emphasize our philosophies about inclusion, trust and teamwork.


Please Note that we do not tolerate any type of sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, hateful etc. type language --again because this should be a safe and comfrotable place for everyone. Additionally, please refrain from using the word "rape" in any context (the same goes for the word "molest"). Furthermore, anything that makes light of consent or implies that consent is a joke is not appropriate for this guild. This is not only offensive but also can act as a trigger for people. Please help us help each other and keep this a friendly and safe place.