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We have a well-stocked guild bank, which includes recipes, gear, materials for leveling professions as well as raid supplies. BUT please keep in mind that as a community we want to help each other not just ourselves, so if you need something please also donate. This doesn’t necessarily mean at that exact moment—we just want everyone to help each other. If we work together we make it easier and faster for everyone.  If you need something that isn’t in the guild bank let us know so we can get it stocked! Also, as a courtesy if you take the last of something let an officer know so we can restock.

Remember that no items in the guild bank should be taken out to be sold for money. Additionally, no items should be taken out to craft items to be sold for money. Materials in the last two tabs are for raiding mains only. If you need something for an alt from these two tabs, please talk to an officer (since we can usually supply it). Lastly, should you need crystals for a weapon encahnt please talk to an officer so we can restock them. 


Tab Specifics:

Tab 1--Recipes Misc: This tab contains recipes, thermal anvils, and misc. helpful/fun items.  

Tab 2--Use Me: This tab contains old potions, food and similar items that might be useful for leveling or just running around. 

Tab 3--Elerepmog: This tab contains old elemental items, reputation items and gear suitable for mog purposes. 

Tab 4--Clothchanting: This tab contains cloth and enchanting mats from previous expansions. 

Tab 5--Cooking: This tab contains current food and cooking materials

Tab 6--Current Mats: This tab contains current materials for professions and craftable items. 

Tab 7--Raid Gemchants: This tab contains gems, enchants (and materials for both) as well as feasts and reshapers.

Tab 8--Raid Flaskots: This tab contains all flasks and potions for raids.