Scroll of Shenanigans


Reciprocity tries to provide events that will be enjoyable for everyone. Some events occur on a weekly basis, while others may be special events. If you have suggestions or ideas for Guild Events contact an officer or make a post on the forums.


Scheduled Events: These are events that are scheduled ahead of time and reoccur on a regular basis. These events include: normal and relaxed raid nights, proression nights and fun nights. Each event will appear on both the calendar in game as well as the calendar on the website. All events should be scheduled at least about a week ahead of time, but if you have questions feel free to ask.

*NOTE* Please make sure if you are interested that you sign up ahead of time via the in game calendar or the calendar on the guild website. Please make sure you are signing up. It really helps to know who is planning to attend raids so we can ensure we have a balanced raid team. Additionally, if there aren't enough sign-ups events may be canceled--so sign up. 

  • Normal & Relaxed Raid Nights: These raids are currently Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30-10:45 pm Server Time. These raids aim to provide a nice entry point for new raiders and usually are the easier boss fights we have planned for the week. These raids generally have a ligher and more relaxed atmosphere than our progression nights. Additional: if you are new to raiding and don't know where to start, please contact Chaeni our resident Raid Stalker or Rhodaria our Raid Leader. 
  • Progression Raid Nights: These raids are curently Saturday night 9:30 pm Server to 12:00am Server and Sunday 8:30-10:45 pm Server Time. Progression raids aim to provide a more focused and serious raiding atmosphere (so that we can make good progress), while maintaining our guild philosophies of inclusion, diversity, and tolerance. If multiple raids are available, make sure you check the calendar to know specifically what raid is scheduled for that night. For expectations regarding raiding, please read the Scroll of Focus Flakes.
  • Fun Nights: Fun nights are currently scheduled intermittently (sad panda face) because of Rho's silly school schedule. Check the calendar for specific dates and times and once Rho is back on track we will post more. This can be anything from mount/pet runs to achievements to we just want to smash stuff. Fun Nights aim to provide guildies with a chance to experience content they haven't seen, learn raiding mechanics, get achievements, mounts and generally just have a good time. Because of the plethora of choices available for these runs, please consult the calendar for what the plan is for each week. Got a great idea of something to run? Let an officer know.


Special Guild Events: These events don't occur every week and can include raids, instances, questing, leveling, as well as other games and exciting events. Keep an eye of the forums and calendars to find out what the next special event will be.